We are excited to announce that we have been able to combine our love of gaming with your love for shopping and discounts. So if you love a challenge and would like to earn up to 40% off all your orders while having loads of fun, we invite you to join our Customer Loyalty Discount Program.

No need to create yet another account, simply sign up using your Facebook or Twitter account (we will never post anything without your permission - that's a promise).  Shop, browse, share and click your way to our highest level of fame 'Shopping Superstar' and a massive discounts on all your purchases.

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Earn Badges
We have set up some fun challenges so that you can earn bonus points (plus a nifty badge) and level up even faster. There are 35+ badges up for grabs ranging from simple tasks like viewing our Contact Us page to the more difficult Liking and Tweeting 5 products.

All of our challenges are designed to encourage you to become familiar with our website and products while earning points and having a good time.

Who What Where How
Earn this badge by viewing our Frequently Asked Questions page.
Legal Eagle
Earn this badge by veiwing our Terms of Service page.
The Cheapskate
Earn this badge by taking a look at our Clearance Sale items.
The Freeloader
Earn this badge by reading our free shipping terms and conditions page.
The Truth Sayer
Leave a feedback comment on our Customer Review blog.
The Commentator
Leave 5 relevant comments on any of our blog posts.
The Blogger
Leave 20 relevant comments on any of our blog posts.
The Hunter
Use our search box to find a product to earn this badge.
The Explorer
Use our search functionality 15 times to find a product to earn this badge.
The Navigator
Use our search functionality 50 times to find a product to earn this badge.
Familiar Face
Visit 20 of our web pages you will earn this badge.
Getting Around
Visit 100 of our web pages you will earn this badge.
The Regular
Visit our website once every month for six months and earn this badge.
Active Shopper
Earn 200 points when you make your first purchase.
High Roller
Earn this badge when you spend more than R500 on a single order.
The Big Spender
Earn this badge by placing an order for a R1000 or more.
Avid Supporter
Place at least 3 orders to receive this badge.
The Shopaholic
Place at least 5 orders to receive this badge.
Know Your Products
Browse through 10 of our product pages to receive this badge.
Know Your Products Experienced
Browse through 100 of our product pages to receive this badge.
Know Your Products Veteran
Browse through 250 of our product pages to receive this badge.
Know Your Products Expert
Browse through 500 of our product pages to receive this badge.
Know Your Products Master
Browse through 1000 of our product pages to receive this badge.
Filter Mania
Earn this badge when you filter your product collection view using tags.
Prospective Client
Add some items to your shopping cart to earn this badge. How easy is that!
Novice Blogger
Visit any of our blog pages more than once.
Avid Blogger
Visit any of our blog pages more than 10 times.
The Evangelist
Share something via Like 5 times and Tweet 5 times.
Sing Like A Bird
Tweet 10 times on our site to get this badge.
Strong Communicator
Tweet 20 times and Like 20 times to receive this badge.
Spreading The Love
Tweet or Like 50 times to receive this badge.
Likeable Character
Like 100 times to receive this badge.
Mad Tweeter
Tweet 100 times to receive this badge.
Book Worm
Visit any of our blog pages more than 30 times.
Curious George
Visit our contact page and earn an easy points. How simple is that!
Regular Customer
Get this badge after you place your 3rd order.
Well Clicked
Click on 75 items on our website.
Level Up
Besides the badges you can also earn points by visiting important pages or the site, viewing products, Liking, Tweeting, commenting on our blog posts and (of course) placing orders.

Each time you level up you will be see a new discount code that can be used during the order checkout process. The code is easy to find in the top right hand corner of our website and on the shopping cart page.

Giving our customers a fun way to earn discounts is how we like to say “Thank you” for your support and give them the recognition they deserve. So, sign up now to avoid losing the points, badges and most importantly the discount code you have already earned.

Level 20
Shopping Superstar
Save 40% on all orders.
Level 19
Legendary Buyer
Save 36% on all orders.
Level 18
Champion Buyer
Save 32% on all orders.
Level 17
Elite Buyer
Save 30% on all orders.
Level 16
Expert Buyer
Save 28% on all orders.
Level 15
Seasoned Buyer
Save 26% on all orders.
Level 14
Veteran Buyer
Save 24% on all orders.
Level 13
Experienced Buyer
Save 22% on all orders.
Level 12
Legendary Shopper
Save 20% on all orders.
Level 11
Champion Shopper
Save 18% on all orders.
Level 10
Elite Shopper
Save 16% on all orders.
Level 9
Expert Shopper
Save 14% on all orders.
Level 8
Seasoned Shopper
Save 12% on all orders.
Level 7
Veteran Shopper
Save 10% on all orders.
Level 6
Experienced Shopper
Save 8% on all orders.
Level 5
Legendary Browser
Save 7% on all orders.
Level 4
Expert Browser
Save 6% on all orders.
Level 3
Veretan Browser
Save 5% on all orders.
Level 2
Experienced Broswer
Save 4% on all orders.
Level 1
Casual Browser
Save 3% on all orders.
If this message does not disappear, please read the possible solutions below.
  • Our Customer Loyalty Discount Program will only work if you are using the following browsers:
    • Google Chrome (latest version)
    • Firefox 3 and above
    • Internet Explorer 9 and above
    • Opera (latest versions)
    • Safari 7 and above
    • Any other modern browser that supports HTML 5
    • All popular mobile browsers
  • Make sure you are not using your browser in Private mode.
  • If you have tried the above and its still not working please Contact Us and let us know.
Customer Loyalty Discount Program Rules
  • Only one discount code per order can be applied (i.e. discounts cannot be stacked)
  • In order to receive the discount, the code must be manually entered into the discount box on the relevant checkout page.
  • If you choose not to sign up you can still participate, level up and receive discount codes. However all progress will be lost if you clear your browsers cache or use another computer to login.
  • Privacy is important to us and we will never post anything on Twitter / Facebook without your permission. Only items that you choose to Share, Like or Tweet are posted.
  • The rules of fair play apply we reserve the right to remove points and block users if they are found to be abusing the system in any way.
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