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Free Childrens Halloween Masks To Print

With Halloween just around the corner I'm sure that you are looking for crafty / affordable ways to dress your little one up to go trick or treating.  Here are some free images of children's masks that you can use to print and make it a fun filled event for all.


Masquerade - the making of the Phantom Mask

Here is an interesting article about the making of a Phantom of the Opera mask for a local production of the play - Artslink News


Why Classic Hero Costumes are Classics

Costumes, like everything else in the world, have their styles and trends. The characters that are big sellers today may not have any demand in 6 months. In fact, it seems that in children’s costumes; it is not  even monthly that Pixar or Disney comes out with a new character that all the kids scream for and everything else is, “just so last week”.

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Printable Masks And Custom Designs

If you are looking for a printable mask and can't find what you are looking for on our website please email our sales department at sales@simplypartysupplies. Simply Party Supplies has selected some talented graphic designers who can create custom printable masks just for you.

Printable Fancy Dress Party Masks

Take a look at our range of affordable printable fancy dress masks.  Each masks comes in two sizes one for adults and one for children.  Simply open up the Adobe Acrobat file and use a colour printer to print out your mask.  Here are some of the masks we have so far with many more to come shortly.

The Latest Trends In Fancy Dress Costume Wear

Although Halloween is over for this year, theatrical events, costumes parties and fan Cosplay occur all year round. This year’s trend in costumes is to bring in fantasy elements with many people being inspired by popular movie and television characters, as well as entertaining videos and memes. Second skin fancy dress costumes and transparent masks are gaining in popularity for their theatricality.

Halloween costume trends this year were to dress up as favorite characters in pop culture. The viral video The Fox (What does the fox say?) makes a childlike song into a dance track. Last minute costumes popped up to dress as a fox as a result. Dressing as Grumpy Cat from the gone-viral-meme was another costume popup this year. Masks are great for both masquerade balls and quickly jazzing up a costume. Transparent masks have a fun effect of being instantly comical or terrifying.

As Christmas rolls in, you may be dragging out and dusting off your Santa suits and elf costumes. But what better way to entertain your kids or to get a chuckle at your work party than to debut a gingerbread man second skin costume. Or if you’re from a crazy crowd and a fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas, a skeleton second skin dressed up as Jack Skellington might even be a hilariously popular choice with your friends.

Superhero costumes are always popular and can show up not only at Halloween, but also for theme parties and cosplay events. With the recent surge of superhero movies and TV shows, a stronger fan base grows. Marvel’s The Avengers costumes, such as Ironman, are popular this year and Spiderman never get old. Both can often be found in the second skin fancy dress section. For women, sexy and powerful superheroes are popular, and a black second skin costume makes a perfect catsuit for either DC’s Catwoman or Marvel’s Avengers character Black Widow. One second skin costume piece can be used for many costume parties throughout the year. Another example is that a green second skin suit could be used to dress as the Hulk for Halloween or layer some extra pieces over top to make an easy cosplay Loki costume both from Marvel’s The Avengers.

One colour versions of second skin costumes make a person look fairly neutral and added accessories may become quite comical and animated. Original theatre performances, such as Blue Man Group and Voca People, made use of theatrically painted faces for a unified effect, and second skin costumes give a similar look. Great for movement pieces and other performance applications, perhaps second skin fancy dress costumes will combine with the flash mob dance trend or even with the recent surge in theatrical marriage proposals. Would you say “YES!” to an elaborately staged proposal? Makes it hard not to!

Second skin costumes are a fun and versatile choice for all your costume needs. Look slick, sexy or scary in second skin fancy dress costumes.



Even More Printable Masks

We are excited to announce that we have been able to add even more printable mask products to our growing collection.  Available for purchase from our affiliate's website you can choose to purchase either a single mask to print or from some excellently prices mask packs.

Printable Childrens Masks

If you're looking for fun masks to print out you're in the right place because you've just found the biggest collection of printable masks on the internet! There's everything here from aardvarks and zebras to aliens and zombies, and they're all available for instant download so you can get mask making today.

The masks have a fun, bold, colorful style that kids will love, and they all come with a line art version so they can get creative making their own masks too!

As you know, mask making is a favorite kids activity. They love it because it gives them double the fun. First off, they get to make something cool, then they get to play around at being whatever they've made! It's a perfect way to spark their creativity and imagination, and gives them endless hours of fun.

If you're a busy parent or teacher these will save you literally hours and hours of preparation time. Instead of trawling the internet trying to find certain masks, or having to draw them out yourself, now you can just choose the mask you need, hit print and get straight to the fun bit!

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