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5 Free Bachelorette Party Games

Wondering what to do at your bachelorette / hen party / bridal shower or kitchen tea party? Try out these fun games to lighten the mood and get everyone ready for a great party night.
The Funniest Story
Get all the girls to sit in a circle and tell the funniest stories they have experienced with the bride-to-be. This is a great way for people to get to know one another. Pass around a Toy, which girls hold when it is their turn to speak. Give the toy to the girl who has the funniest story.
How Well Do You Know The Bachelorette
Make up some questions and ask the lucky bachelorette to answer them as truthfully as possible. Then get all the people at the party to guess the answers and hand out fun prizes to those that get the answers right.
Cherry Twister
This one is perfect for slumber parties or at the end of the evening when everyone has returned to one of the bachelorette's homes with late-night snack cravings. You'll need paper bowls or paper plates, a jar of whipped cream and a jar of cocktail cherries with the stems still attached. Place a cherry in the bottom of each bowl and cover it with whipped cream. Line the bowls up on a table. The object of the game is to eat the whipped cream and cherry AND to tie the cherry stem into a knot using only your tongue. All this must be accomplished while your hands are clasped behind your back! Of course, it's a race to see who can do it first. The first one to finish will be crowned, "Tongue Twister Queen"!
Bachelorette Truths and a Lie
We've all told a little white lie, right? This game encourages it! Each lady introduces herself and then tells the group three things about herself. Two of the statements are true and one is a lie. Each of the girls must guess which statement was the lie. Each girl places her bet. Then the "liar" must confess which statement was false. Believe it or not the truth can be more unbelievable than the lie. This fun girl's night game breaks the ice and creates lots of opportunities for laughs! Keep in mind that the statements don't have to be too personal -- although this game has been known to take a saucy turn. If friends are a bit shy, instruct that the statements can be less personal. Here's my own example: "I had a dog named Lucy. My dog was so fat we had to carry her up the stairs. I painted her pink when I was a kid." The lie? My dog's name was Muffin, not Lucy!
Chocolate Poker
Here's what you'll need: Foil wrapped chocolate coins, Deck of cards , Poker Hand Ranking Sheet Bachelorettes can enjoy poker just as much as the boys. This game is just like regular poker but instead of using poker chips, use foil wrapped chocolate coins! To pile chocolate on top of chocolate, serve chocolate milk, hot chocolate or chocolate liquor drinks, easy chocolate truffles, or a chocolate ganache cake (this recipe is to die for!).

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