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Foam Mask - Monkey Foam Half Mask 2 In Stock


Foam Mask - Monkey Foam Half Mask

Monkey Foam Half Mask

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Bring out your inner monkey with this foam monkey mask.  

Here are some fun monkey facts:

  • There are currently 264 known types of monkeys.

  • The are basically two groups of monkeys, Old World monkeys from Africa and Asia, and New World monkeys from South America.

  • A marmoset is an example of New World Monkey and a baboon an example of an Old World monkey.

  • Apes are not monkeys.

  • While some monkeys live in trees, others live on the ground.

  • The different species of monkeys eat a variety of foods, such as fruit, insects, flowers, leaves and reptiles.

  • Almost all monkeys have tails.

  • Groups of monkeys are known as a ‘tribe’, ‘troop’ or ‘mission’.

  • The smallest type of monkey is the Pygmy Marmoset weighing in at 120 to 140 grams.

  • The largest type is the Mandrill, where adult males can weight up to 35 kg.

  • Spider monkeys get their name because of their long arms, legs and tail.

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